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11 February 2018

Lindisfarne support 10-02-18

I had a brilliant time at Love Folk festival last night, at The Atkinson in Southport. I supported Lindisfarne in the main theatre and got some lovely feedback from the audience.
‘How did you get to support Lindisfarne tonight, you lucky thing?’ was one question. Well, firstly I applied to play in the foyer for the Busk Love Folk afternoon, organised by FATEA magazine. Some of you may think that I’m ‘too established’ for that, but in reality I am still a completely independent musician who loves a good gig, whichever form it takes, and I have a lot of respect for what Neil and the team have built over the years for independent artists. Lots of other acts also feel the same, as some had travelled from Devon, Hampshire and Gloucester to do a free spot at the festival under the FATEA banner.
In the end though, I didn’t get a spot in the foyer, by pure chance Neil and Emma at the venue were listening to my cd when one of the Lindisfarne fellas (lovely blokes they are) walked in to drop something off and said ‘hey, I like the sound of this’, Neil, being the ace man that he is, said ‘how would you like her to do an opening set for you’?
And that was that. They said yes, and I played to a massive theatre last night and had an absolute blast. It was nerve-wracking at first, but in 30 mins I had proven myself to fans who were there to see one of their favourite bands and they took to me nicely. It’s not often these opportunities come around and big thanks to FATEA, The Atkinson and Lindisfarne for being so supportive and welcoming.
Hope to do more of this in the future xx

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