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22 February 2020

Hello again

Hello to anyone who may be reading this, you may have noticed that I’ve dropped off Facebook and Twitter (although I still have Instagram, mostly because I forgot about that one), so it probably also seems that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth to some. Almost six years ago, I shifted from complete self-employment to take on a full time data input job... Read More
11 February 2018

Lindisfarne support 10-02-18

I had a brilliant time at Love Folk festival last night, at The Atkinson in Southport. I supported Lindisfarne in the main theatre and got some lovely feedback from the audience.   ‘How did you get to support Lindisfarne tonight, you lucky thing?’ was one question. Well, firstly I applied to play in the foyer for the Busk Love Folk afternoon, organised by FATEA magazine.... Read More
28 November 2015

Thea Gilmore – live band review Nov 2015

Following a fantastic run of live shows with Thea Gilmore and Nigel Stonier, I am now home and catching up on some much needed rest and admin. It’s been a real blast playing 11 gigs as a trio (and a few of them joined by Egan Stonier, Thea and Nigel’s 9 year old son playing the lead violin on ‘London’). It’s hard to put into... Read More
01 March 2015

Brand new duo album ‘East by North West’ released

Tracey Browne and Raevennan Husbandes joined forces after meeting at a week-long musical residency, curated by The Unthanks at Manchester’s ‘Band On The Wall’ in February 2012. They carried on the collaboration over a series of weekends in Manchester and Lowestoft, meeting to co-write a batch of songs that have culminated in the album ‘East by North West’. Tracey and Raevennan harnessed the collective power... Read More
Paradise Found // Tracey Browne - Everyone is ordinary
  1. Paradise Found // Tracey Browne - Everyone is ordinary
  2. Under The Radar // Everyone is ordinary
  3. The Cat and the Moon // Everyone is ordinary
  4. River City // Everyone is ordinary
  5. The Mountain Goat // Everyone is ordinary
  6. The Girl I Knew // Everyone is ordinary
  7. My Best Friend, My Ego // Everyone is ordinary